Thinking About Online Poker? Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

In this case, the factors of luck, dispersion and tilt should be taken into account . Therefore, the more students improved their results after training, the more we can trust the coach. Of course, there are trainers with little experience + not all students spend their strength and desire to leave feedback with the results of their work. In this case, of course, you have to look at what the coach himself shows in the game.

Many may disagree with this proposition, arguing 먹튀검증업체 “a plus player always knows more about anyone.” But then let’s draw an analogy with football. And we will listen to the opinion of one of the well-known coaches in the Russian community of Artyom Moskvyak – the plus regular CAP of tables 1 / 2-5 / 10 and the 30th limit Spin and Go, which also successfully teaches players the delights of poker.

“ Let ‘s take one of the best players in the world, say Messi and Ronaldo and take a coach who himself has never played football professionally, say Mourinho. Let’s give everyone a command to train. Who do you think will show the best result? Of course, Mourinho. Here is the same thing. So always, when choosing a coach, first of all conduct a full objective analysis of what he can teach you and at what cost, ”Artyom tells us.

Supporting Artyom and also holds a football analogy, another successful coach Dmitry Savinsky, who has been training players for several years.

“The coach should be a plus coach. His students should be positive regs, there should be reviews. When choosing a coach for a football team, does the club president ask the coach how many goals he scored last season? Football club managers look at the success of football teams under the guidance of this coach , ”said Dmitry.

Summing up, I want to note that first of all you yourself must determine what you need a coach for, weigh the pros and cons. Nobody can do it better than you! And remember: “a poker coach can benefit his student, while not being a plus player, and a plus player will not necessarily be useful to the student .”

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