Former Atletico coach Thiago Larghi talks about his work

I played until I was 19 in grassroots divisions and in amateur football. I’ve always had this kind of environment on the field, in the locker room. But around my 20s I decided to study. So, I took a course from the Brazilian Association of Football Coaches and started studying with Jairo dos Santos, who was an observer of the National Team in eight World Cups.

He saw my interest in analyzing the Atlético, hugged me, gave me the opportunity and from there I invested. I even helped him prepare for the 2006 World Cup over a period of time, with friendlies and qualifiers especially. But as early as 2011, my first effective club job was at Botafogo, and then it was as a performance analyst. In 2012 too, 2013 I went to the Brazilian National Team and after the 2014 World Cup, I went to Italy to study. That’s when I took the UEFA course,

MM: How did this invitation for the Brazilian National Team for the 2014 World Cup come about? How did you face this challenge so important that it was to prepare a team to play a Cup at home?

Thiago Larghi: There were many years of investment and work, through Jairo at Parreira. So I already knew the heck of work done with and for him since 2005. He gave lectures abroad and I was always with him helping. And the work we did at Botafogo, too, at that time was good, so the response was good, both from Caio Junior and Oswaldo. And that gave Parreira confidence when he, along with Scolari, took over the National Team and made me an invitation.

MM: In the 2014 World Cup, how was the preparation to face the Germans? Because it did not work? Would Neymar be any different?

Thiago Larghi: Certainly the presence of Neymar and Thiago Silva, captain at that time, in that game there were missed. But what happened was something that is inexplicable if we look at the details. Scolari had 29 games so far, and there were only two defeats. So it was not a campaign in which Brazil came with badly played soccer in the extreme. It came in a crescent.

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